dogs helping geese
​dogs 4 geese


We are a group of dogs who want to show we support the plight of geese in need.
Too many domestic geese are dumped in  parks,   water courses and in the bush.

They have no way of protecting themselves from predators and are often hurt or injured or killed.

They need a forever home!
Dog of the week


Chloe Dog was a hero this week helping out in a rescue at a park. The lucky geese are now in the care of  Ozfarmyard

Goose of the week


Julie Goose was found starving in the bush. After a few weeks or R&R is now on her way to her forever home thanks to some good dogs. Woof woof

Recent rescues

dogs loving geese & geese loving dogs


all monies donated goes to the organisation who rescue geese from bad situations, provide vet care, fostercare, rehoming in a safe happy home

Recent Fundraiser

Dogs With Hats Competition

Easter Ears Competition

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