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dogs helping geese
​dogs 4 geese


We are a group of dogs who volunteer to help geese in need.
Too many domestic geese are dumped in  parks, water courses and in the bush/forests.

They have no way of protecting themselves from predators and are often hurt or injured or killed.

They need a forever home! Al dog with sunglasses.JPG
Dog of the month


Big Al Goose Dog was a hero this month guarding geese and protected them from a fox attack. Good one  Big Al

Goose of the month


Julie Goose was found starving in the bush. After a few weeks or R&R is now on her way to her forever home thanks to some good dogs. Woof woof

We have also rescued dogs, cats, ducks, roosters, cows & goats on our way to the rescue the  GEESE.

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Recent rescues

dogs loving geese & geese loving dogs

Help geese

all money goes to the organisation who rescue geese from bad situations, provide vet care, fostercare, rehoming in a safe happy home

Recent Fundraisers

Easter Ears Competition

Dogs With Hats Competition dog in hat competition dog with geese food donation.JPG rescued geese flock building cages

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